Stay at Home 2.0 – GOLF

Effective May 11, 2020:

  • Our golf course is open to Bethlehem Country Club members and New Hampshire residents ONLY.
  • Players must arrive or remain in their car until no more than 15 minutes prior to
    their tee-time, at which time they may check-in and proceed to starting tee.
  • No gathering before or after play is permitted.
  • Pro shops / Clubhouses must remain closed, including all indoor check-in and merchandising.
  • Remote and touchless check-in procedures should be utilized (internet or phone).
  • Golf bags should be brought by the player and not handled by anyone except the player.
  • Personal clubs must be used; no rental sets or sharing of clubs is permitted.
  • Clubhouse may open for restroom availability but should operate at limited capacity to adhere to social distancing policies.
  • Amenities (except if needed for restroom access) must remain closed.
  • All customers and staff should be instructed to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others at all times while playing and on the grounds.
  • Group play of no more than four may be permitted
  • Tee times spaced at least 12 minutes apart.
  • Walking is encouraged, but single rider carts or family members living in the same
    house sharing a cart is permitted.
  • Push carts may be permitted, including club provided ones, provided they are
    cleaned and disinfected after every use.
  • Golf course set up minimal (no bunker rakes, cups raised/flipped and no on-course
    amenities e.g. water stations, ball washers, sand boxes, benches, etc.).
  • League play may only be permitted if it follows appropriate tee time intervals and
    social distancing guidelines
  • Clinics, Camps and organized activities must remain suspended. No youth activities are permitted.
  • Practice areas (putting and driving) must be closed.

Questions? Please call Bethlehem Country Club at 603-869-5745.