Bethlehem Country Club was designed in the days when hickory shafted clubs were the norm. At a little under 6000-yards, BCC is a relatively short layout when compared to some of today’s 7200-yard monsters. However, the small “Rossian” greens with their challenging topography provided plenty of challenges for the novice and expert alike.

BCC has hosted tournaments for the NHPGA, NHGHA and NHWGA. We are proud of our ability to offer a championship venue for the top levels of competition in our region, yet remain the type of playable golf course that the novice and purely recreational golfer can feel comfortable on. Outstanding playing conditions on a traditional, timeless design make for a memorable golf experience at Bethlehem Country Club.

Bethlehem Country Club Course Guide

Welcome to Bethlehem Country Club.  We are committed to making your visit to our club an enjoyable experience. One of the key elements that our regular patrons find appealing is our Pace of Play Policy that encourages a brisk, steady but unrushed round of golf.  When our course was slope rated a time par for each hole was also formulated.  Time par is a guideline for groups to use to check their own pace of play.  Our staff is available to assist you if needed.  It is the responsibility of each group to keep pace with the group in front of them.   The recommended time par for this course is 3 hours and 47 minutes.  Listed below are the individual hole time pars and tips that may help you to negotiate each hole.  Enjoy your round!

Hole   Pace of

#          Play

  • 13 min Tee shots bounce to the right – approach shots play a little short – receptive                                                             
  • 11 min Straightforward four par – must really nip your approach or else bounce it on. 

Green slopes left – OB boundary is the road behind the green.

  • 10 min Challenging par 3 – OB left and long – shots landing short often roll on.
  • 11 min Long hitters can reach green – OB entire right side – approaches landing left of                                      center of green may roll off.
  • 13 min Long tee shot a bonus – relatively flat green – will receive well struck shots.
  • 13 min Similar to #5 – back tier on green can act as a backstop on approach shots.
  • 8 min Bunkers surround green – look for “157” yardage stone on the wall at the tee.
  • 11 min Hard slider around dogleg right can set up short iron approach – can be a tough                                     green to hold.
  • 15 min Straight-ahead par 4 – caution – longest hitters can reach green – OB right and                                    

1 hour 44 minutes (Front nine)


  • 9 min Short and sassy-lateral water hazard right and long.  Tricky bunker left short.                                      Plays short.
  • 16 min Fairway bunker 230ish on left side.  Big hitters can fade it around the corner and                                     get to green on second shot, though played as a 3 shotter yields many birdies.
  • 10 min Good par 3-two tier green – putt from top tier no bargain-funky chipping around                                       Tree and rock left are integral parts of course.
  • 19 min Fairway slopes left to right – soft green – fly it in!
  • 11 min Aim at cart path on right – longest hitters can sometimes reach green – building                                     behind green is OB.  Small green!
  • 19 min Crossing hazard (ditch) 210 left side to 230 right.  Lay up for most – big hitters                                     can clear ditch and have a go at the green.  Right side greenside mounds gobble                      OB entire left side and back – comes up quick!
  • 13 min Another possible drivable hole – SEVERELY SLOPING GREEN (RIGHT TO                                     LEFT).  Play from above the hole is DEATH!
  • 13 min Straight-ahead par 4.  Woods left and hazard right.  Receptive green.
  • 13 min Good strong finishing hole – left greenside bunker gets a lot of action.  Putting                                     from above hole demands your full attention!


2 hours 3 minutes (Back nine)               Total 3 hours 47 minutes (18 holes)      Revised 4/25/01